an american in paris takes on a whole new meaning:

i recently came across this article in the bbc that details a surprising new trend in france: british/american-style weddings!

french vs british weddings in bbc

now, call me crazy, but i hadn’t even realized that wedding traditions amongst western countries in the third world were so radically different to begin with. apparently, however, everything from the cake to the bridal party to drinks has an associated tradition in europe. check it out:


Bridesmaids:  {} French – zero; {} British – three

Average dress price: {} French – $1.8k; {} British – $2k

Dessert: {} French – croquembouche; {} British – tiered sponge or fruit cake

Drinks: {} French – Kir Royal, champagne, coffee; {} British – Cava, Prosecco, tea

interesting food for thought, eh?


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