bachelorette party / tradition

the hen party versus the american bachelorette party


i just love everything about this. really, who wouldn’t prefer something described in this article as

“… a weekend-long ritual of love and admiration for the bride given by her friends, who with conspiratorial help from with her fiancé, use traditional games with a dash of British quirk to create an experience that can be as emotional as the wedding itself.”

to the traditional drunkfest that is involved in most american bachelorette parties? perhaps this is my early-onset of old-lady tendencies talking, but i for one would much rather not deal with the aftermath of questionable decisions and a horrendous hangover. instead, i would love to have one last girlish sleepover as a single lady, surrounded by love & excitement rather than booze & creepy old dudes. Am I right? amiright?!?!

{not to mention that i think those bachelorette sashes/fake plastic tiaras/shot glass necklaces are just a tad tacky… but if that’s your thing, girl, more power to ya! it’s your day;)}


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