Introductions & Inspiration

Well hello there, lovely ladies & gentle men! My name is Jennifer and I have the distinct pleasure of curating the finest of the wedding world in revamped blog entries for you every week on behalf of my fabulous company, Morgan Gallo Events {MGE} based out of Savannah, Georgia.


I don’t always look this awkward, but when I do… I’m wearing polka dots.


While my personal style preferences range from the retro {1940’s era details are my favorite} to the dainty {lace, vintage floral teacups and old books are totally my thing}, I appreciate excellent style – style for the sake of style, perhaps? anyone have a relevant Latin translation for me? – and will include wedding design inspiration of all kinds. 


In addition to general wedding gorgeousness, you can also look forward to generous helpings of delicious food tidbits, particularly concerning the up-and-coming culinary delights making their appearance at wedding events these days. Case in point: macarons as the new cupcake?  Popcorn bars in lieu of candy bars? I think yes. 

In the event all of that drool-worthy edible coverage gets you a bit too excited, I will also include  tips on upping your physical fitness level to prep your body for your big day, covering the latest in fitness trends as well as tried-and-true classic strategies to achieve your hotness goals. 

As always, we will also feature our engaged couples’ amazing love stories and will of course include a recap of a different wedding we have styled/coordinated each week, because honestly–who doesn’t love a good love story? 

I am beyond pleased to make your acquaintance, and sincerely hope you continue to follow along as we here at MGE strive to constantly improve our presence out here in the blogosphere. 




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