be merry.

dear brides- and grooms-to-be: 

this article is a must-read. 

written from an authentic wedding photographer’s perspective, it elucidates the true meaning of your wedding and encapsulates my feelings about what is most important to remember on your big day. 

is it more important to record evidence of the hand-embroidered vintage lace handkerchiefs that you tenderly folded and placed in a specially-crafted galvanized metal tin with a personalized chalkboard tag at the entrance to your ceremony with the handwritten message signifying guests should take one to “dry happy tears” or is it more significant to take a photo of your mom using said hankie to wipe her eyes as she sees her husband, your daddy, hand you over into your future spouse’s loving care? 

would you rather look back on pictures of your custom ribbon chandelier strung with handmade fabric florals, or the image of your grandparents dancing under it after celebrating over fifty years of marital bliss as the longest married couple in attendance at your wedding? 

you get the idea. 

if i could give modern brides just one piece of advice, it would be the following: don’t let the crafty genius of pinterest, the ingeniousness of wedding blogs or gorgeously styled wedding magazines ruin your day.

what do i mean by that? 

simply this: feel free to use all available media sources as inspiration when planning your wedding, but don’t allow yourself to feel bad if you do not have the resources {whether financial or time} to recreate every look and detail that you want.

at the end of the day, the tiny details – while obviously adorable and meaningful in their own right – are not what matter the most. it’s the connection that you have with your future spouse, the love with which your family and friends surround you, and the fabulous time you have celebrating your brand-new marriage with everyone you care about. 




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